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Clipart Review - Bullets, Dots, Balls:

Large Marbles and Small Marbles - from Jim's Cool Icons; 3D looking, with a shadow effect; useful for bullets or buttons in web site design.
Animated 3D Orbs - over 9 pages of professionally-designed spinning orbs and balls; colorful and realistic images; smooth animated spinning. From IconBazaar.
Bullets and Icons - a few plain and simple bullets. Some miscellaneous icons as well.
Cool Archive - over 200 well-selected bullets in a wide range of colors and styles.
Dots, Cubes and Diamonds  20 pages of dots, balls, triangles, diamonds -- plain, simple, useful; these icons have a subtle 3-D look to them.
Ender Designs - arrows, diamonds, dots and balls, miscellaneous, spheres, squares, stars, plus and minus signs.
EOS Development - a large collection of original designs, very stylish and unique; one of the best.
Essential Bullets by Carel - large array of unique, original designs; click the color map to view each design in that color. You can actually choose the color of each image by clicking on a color palette.
100% Free Gifs - over 40 images: ship's anchor, lock/key, balls, stars, house, snowflake, heart, scissors, etc. Nicely done.
Orbs and Globes  about 100 small to medium spheres of various colors and designs.
Animated Bullets - people who like this kind of thing will find that this is the kind of thing that they like.

Collections of Website Design Elements:

Art for the Web - free site design templates, including border-style backgrounds, buttons, and other page elements; nicely done; from down-under.
Ender Designs - Web page design sets, including: backgrounds, banners, bullets, buttons, icons, and lines; professionally-designed; many styles and colors.
EOS Development - their Mix-and-Match graphics sets have a strong sense of design and color; they also offer separate sections for bullets, backgrounds, and buttons.
Windy's Design Studio - Free templates for web page design, including backgrounds and buttons and other page design elements.

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Clipart Review: Animations - Backgrounds - Bullets - Buttons - Clipart by Category - Lines/Bars - Photos - Sounds