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Clipart Review - Free Fonts:

L'Abecedarienne's Original Handlettered Fonts - Nice. Professionally-designed free fonts, several look like stylized handwritting; useable fonts; also check out the Everyday Tools font.
Abstract Type Design - several original fun fonts, suitable for graphic design and newsletter projects.
Astigmatic - dozens of creative free fonts to download; and some other fonts for sale.
Blah Fonts - about a dozen font designs, beyond the limits of everyday usefulness, but good for unusual graphic design projects.
BlamBot's Comic book Fonts - a few free fonts in comic book style; also a symbols font.
Blue Vinyl Fonts - a few nice, bold, sans serif fonts and a few symbol/dingbat type fonts.
Caffeen Fonts - over a dozen well-designed fun true type fonts as well as links to other free fonts web sites.
Divide by Zero - newest font is 'Hockey is Lif.' Dozens of unusual fonts; check out Tommy's First Alphabet and Robot Teacher fonts; also some articles on how to design a font.
Emerald City Fontwerks - several well-done handwriting style fonts as well as some modern typewritter-style fonts and a few more creative designs. Also some clipart fonts.
Foopy - not to be confused with the Seinfeldian term 'Shmoopy;' free dingbat fonts and true type alphabet fonts; check out the Double Vision font and the Furry font.
Gray Graphics - check out Nationalyze-Alp, Milky Well, Polly Anna, Quick Express, Lumine Sign, and Snow Dream. A handful of design conscious fonts in Japanese and English;
Larabie Fonts - Windows and Mac fonts; a large number of well-designed free fonts; also some pay fonts.
Postmodern Village Fonts a Go-go - free fonts combining style and wit; check out Crackwhore and Heartless Valiumwhore; truetype fonts and some mac fonts.
a short list of other font sources - a new nifty font every few days.
Typadelic Fonts - yet another heads-of-famous-persons font, also a butterflies font and a very readable handwriting (script) font.
The TypOasis - free fonts from many different original font designers; hundreds of fonts in a very wide array of designs and styles, from the sublime to the silly.

Fonts and Font Software (mostly not free):

Adobe Type Library - despite the term "library," these fonts are for sale; adobe makes some of the best fonts available today; they are used by professional publishers around the world.
The FontSite.com - articles and books on typography and design; free fonts include the very useable ATFAntique and a GoudySans font.
Microsoft Typography Site - articles, free tools and utilities for working with fonts,


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Clipart Review: Animations - Backgrounds - Bullets - Buttons - Clipart by Category - Lines/Bars - Photos - Sounds