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Clipart Review - Lines, Bars, Page Dividers:

All Free - bars/lines with matching bullets and arrows. About a dozen sets of images; some thick, some thin.
Animated Lines - several nicely-designed animations of lines and bars.
Clip Art Warehouse - several pages of colorful lines and bars, many with images incorporated into the bars.
Cool Archive - over 170 select bar images, useful as page separators; wide range of types, styles and colors.
IconBazaar Bars and Banners - good assortment of unusual lines and rules, including: Animal, Embossed, Botanical, Architectural and Egyptian Motifs.
Ender Designs - over 300 assorted graphical lines, many with pictures incorporated into the design.
EOS Development - an intriguing assortment of original designs; organized as themes and variations.
Native American (Indian) - buttons, bars, and other design elements, with a native American theme.
SMAC Library - two pages of lines; nice graphical designs; some fairly plain, others with images of flowers, fruit, cityscape, pencils, etc.
Stuffed Animals - Looking for graphics for an extremely cutesy web site? Look no further. Buttons and lines/bars with a stuffed animal theme.
U-rock's Lines - about 30 lines, unique designs not seen elsewhere; most incorporate images of objects into the line.
Windy's Free Image Gallery - horizontal bar graphics in a variety of colors and styles; most are plain and simple so as not to overpower the rest of your web page.

Using Table Tags as Lines

The colored line with border above and below this text was done without graphics. Notice that you can control the color of the line with the bgcolor="#000099" tag. The size of the line is controlled with the CELLSPACING=3 tag. The width of the line is controlled by the width=90% tag. The width of the border is, of course, determined by the BORDER=2 tag.

The HTML code for this type of horizontal line is below.

<TR><TD bgcolor="#000099" align=center>

This type of HTML coding uses a table tag within a table tag.

You can also orientate the line vertically. The height of the vertical line is controlled by the height=# tag. But, in this case, the width is controlled by the CELLSPACING=# tag.

Here is the HTML code for a simple vertical line.

<TR><TD bgcolor="#000099" align=center>

In order to place text (or graphics) beside this type of line, the vertical lines above had to be placed within another table. Each vertical line is a double-table, within an over-all third table. The outer-most table is used to position the vertical line horizontally on the page, and also, to position text and graphics beside the vertical line. In the above example, the outer, third table cannot be seen because the  BORDER=#  tag was set to zero.

Collections of Website Design Elements:

Art for the Web - free site design templates, including border-style backgrounds, buttons, and other page elements; nicely done; from down-under.
Ender Designs - Web page design sets, including: backgrounds, banners, bullets, buttons, icons, and lines; professionally-designed; many styles and colors.
EOS Development - their Mix-and-Match graphics sets have a strong sense of design and color; they also offer separate sections for bullets, backgrounds, and buttons.
Windy's Design Studio - Free templates for web page design, including backgrounds and buttons and other page design elements.

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Clipart Review: Animations - Backgrounds - Bullets - Buttons - Clipart by Category - Lines/Bars - Photos - Sounds